New Years Resolutions

After reading Veronica Belmont’s NYR’s, I thought about how many people have it as part of their new year celebrations. For many it is something they strive to do; they put all their effort into it. For me, it’s different.

I have abstained from NYR’s because I feared that I would never get around to them. I was always so busy with school and other stuff, that I thought it was unnecessary to make them. But this year, since I have put so many things on my to-do-list (some to-dos were mammoth tasks), I drew up my NYR’s.

Here they are.

1. Blog/write more. Since I have this blog and many others, I want to keep a good habit of writing and a record of what I’ve done. It gives me something to do when I have nothing to do. At least once a week is good enough; I also have school and my HSC to think about! I would write about what’s happening as well other stuff like news and movie reviews.

2. Earn/save more money. Well, I already have a job and I may want a better one. I like buying stuff online, but I feel I need to save up some money. It also involves getting out of the “impulse buying” habit. I work at a computer store, but this year, I am hoping to apply for a job at the Apple Store in Sydney.

3. Build my social profile. My social life has declined over the past few years, with two years ago being the worst. I was reduced to being alone for most of the time. This year the situation has improved, but it can be better. Now that I am on several social networks (see the links on this site), I plan to use them more often. Also talking to people is a must.

4. Get out more. This means going out with friends to places, as well as nice activities like indoor rock climbing (IRC). I always saw myself as a recluse and this impacts on anyones social life. Getting out more also improves physical health. This isn’t an extreme statement, just a “I want to feel good” statement.

5. As always, do well at school. School is an important part of life. It sets you up for the rest of it. At this stage of high school (near the end), it is important that I do well. I am willing to give up important things to study for exams.

Well, that’s it. I think. There is the to-do-list to write up as well (ugh). Tell me about your NYR’s.

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