Tech Trade Shows

Well, over the next two weeks we will see loads of new tech stuff on the internets. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on Jan 7th to 10th (effectively 8th to 11th for me down under). This is where everyone shows off their new stuff. Already the biggest news is that Warner Bros. Studios is siding with Blu-ray for their movie distribution . To make things even more interesting, the HD DVD group is canceling their press conference. (Engadget link). We should see lots of new things come out of this show. For coverage, go to:

But perhaps the show I am most anticipating is the Macworld Conference and Expo. This is like CES, but Apple only stuff. All eyes will be on Steve Jobs’ Keynote on the 15th January (16th down under). Many rumors have circulated talking about what may be released. I will be following along on several live coverages on the keynote at 4am on the 16th (Sydney time).

It is a pity that CES is not open to the public and that both shows are in America.

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