Birthdays, Happiness and Fire

Today was two of my friend’s birthdays. I gave them both presents. One got a candle, and the other, five dollars. They were really really happy. The rest of the day, I kept the happy vibe going. Until I checked my email sometime in the afternoon…

I got an email from one of the mothers who is organising the formal. (BTW In all honesty, this year’s formal is going downhill). She replied to my email about how to submit photographs. (There will be a screen at the formal showing photos of us. I am coordinating the photography). She called me “rude” for trying to convey information and calling this situation my problem.

Seriously, we are doing a lot of work for the formal, and you are not realising that. For the photography, I have been making announcements, putting posters up etc. It’s not my job to get photos from everyone, it is the responsibility of the people to give photos to me.

Please judge for yourself (after this break).

Here is my reply to the initial email asking for photo submission info.

As we have reiterated many times, photographs may be submitted in two ways.

One, Drop Box to [info withheld]
Two, Hand in a CD to Ben or Tommy


Here is the reply from the mother.


We obviously have a problem as the drop box is empty.

This could be because – the students do not know where to send the photos
– there is a problem with the drop box
– no one is taking any photos


I do not appreciate your very rude reply when all [name withheld] and I are doing is trying to make the year 11 formal a success for everyone.

[name withheld]

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