Who am I?

I sat down yesterday evening and thought about how interesting my life is. It wasn’t.

It seemed that my life was made up of too much sitting down. Sitting down in front of the computer, doing school work, or just messing around. I wasn’t getting out much at all. Hey, think about the number of night outs and parties I’ve been to in the last year: 0. Nights are really boring for me. Even looking at Facebook photos makes me feel weird.

This makes me feel really bad, as it is a sign of becoming a social outcast. It feels like as if this is a death spiral; work work work and no play leads to “more devo”.

I think the reason that I feel this is that I am too different to everyone else. I’m not the type of person that goes to these “doing absolutely nothing” parties. I have my own style, but no one else likes it.

Do I need to change? Am I too different for this society?

Do I make sense?

PS: On a happier note, Coldplay’s new album Viva la Vida is out. Review soon (yes I am serious this time). Battle of the Choirs is on 7:30pm Sundays on Channel 7. I am in the Barker choir.

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