Observations of the Creative Scale

This year, I have encountered the ‘other side’ of what I call the ‘Creative Scale’. One side is music, the other side is drama and somewhere in the middle is design.

At Barker, people usually are associated with one side of the scale. Some are good music, others drama. But some do both.

Today, I observed a glimpse of the drama side. I have been a music person for a long time now, and seeing into drama was interesting.

As someone told me today, “We are always busy busy busy… it never stops, and so doesn’t you.”

This year, music has been like that. For me that has been all the choir stuff, Battle of the Choirs, and the tour coming up in December. I would not be able to imagine myself associating with drama as well.

What’s great at Barker, is that we have super talented people doing all the drama stuff, as well as some doing music. There are few who do both, though.

“The stations are manned, and they don’t need more people.” says Me.

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