2008 New Year’s Resolutions: Resolved?

In the dying embers of 2008, it’s time to evaluate whether my New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) were fulfilled. So, here goes.

Now remember, I usually don’t make NYRs simply because I don’t get round to them much.

1. Blog/write more. Well, I’ve kept up this blog, and my other social networks. I could have done more but, owing to how busy I am, I think I’ve done pretty well. Yes!

2. Earn/save more money. In July, I quit my computer shop job to focus on the HSC. I’ve already bought all the stuff I want, so now is the time to save. Also ties in the financial crisis in recent times. Yes!

3. Build my social profile. Over the past year, I’ve said to myself that you need to gain respect. I think I’ve done that quite a bit this year. I’ve improved communications with others and have been a bit more flexible with outings. Yes.

4. Get out more. Not really. I’ve only done walking and lawn bowls. No.

5. Do well at school. Sort of. Next year is the HSC. Every bit will count towards that mark. ?

So 3 out of 5 NYRs successful. Not bad for someone like me who doesn’t like to set NYRs. You’ll have to see tomorrow whether I will set them for 2009.

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