Chocolate Cafés in Sydney

Updated: Max Brenner review

Over the past few holidays, I have tried several chocolate cafés in Sydney. There are three that I have been to. Now, if you don’t mind, here is the boring bit about how I reviewed each of them.

The product that I reviewed from each café is a take-away iced milk chocolate. Each café gets rated out of 5 on three things: Service, Food and Value. Food is how good the drink is.

So, here goes.

1. Lindt Café, Martin Place (Also Cockle Bay and George St)

Service: The service was very swift. There weren’t many problems at all.
Food: The chocolate in the drink is very rich. There were sprinkles of white and milk chocolate on top and no cream. After drinking it, you feel you don’t need to have anymore i.e. very satisfied.
Value: It was $6. A reasonable price for a good drink.

2. Guylian Café, Circular Quay

Service: I was with Matt when we ordered. The staff was unfamiliar with the operation of the cashier. Matt’s drink came out faster than mine, which was strange, considering we ordered at the same time.
Food: A large proportion of the drink was cream, which means there was less milk. The chocolate in the drink was very weak, I would have had to get a iced dark chocolate to get the same strength of chocolate at Lindt’s. After finishing, it felt like I wanted more i.e. not filling.
Value: It was $7. Probably a bit too much for what we got.

3. Max Brenner, George St (Also several other locations around Sydney)

Service: The service was swift and friendly.
Food: This was an interesting one. The drink is based on ice, so it has that icy feel to it when you are drinking it. There was an ample amount of chocolate in the drink. After finishing the drink, I am left with a large stack of icy chocolate.
Value: The drink cost $7. The size of the cup was smaller than Lindt’s and Guylian’s.


Service Food Value Total /15
Lindt 4 4.5 4 12.5
Guylian 2 3 3 8
Max Brenner 4.5 3.5 2 10


Lindt is the clear winner with 12.5 points. While the Guylian shop was presentable, the food and value just didn’t live up to it. Max Brenner lives up to its name when it comes to different chocolate culture.


  • Scuse my Scottish ignorance but what exactly is a chocolate café? They haven’t spread up here yet.

  • A chocolate café is a café where the food and drink items are predominantly chocolate. I think these sprang up to support the world’s increase in consumption of chocolate, in a way which appeals to rich and poor.

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