Skins: First Generation v Second Generation

After yesterday’s start to my ‘memory dump’, there has been some criticism to what I have written. That’s fine, but I thought I would clarify what I wrote.

When I said ‘voucher’ as a gift idea, it was only meant to be an idea, and not a solid decision.

Anyway, next topic.

Well, the third season of Skins is about to start airing on E4 this week. I’m sort of a fanatic, so I guess the reason I am writing this is because I want to share my analysis with someone, out there. So here goes.

(Most of the base information is from Wikipedia, which is distilled from the Skins website.)

Creator Jamie Brittain said that there were some similarities between the characters from each generation. Some of them are very clear.

Tony’s sister Effy is now the leader of her group of friends in season 3. Tony’s best friend is Sid. Effy’s best friend is Pandora. Sid and Pandora share a few traits, such as the need to lose their virginity as soon as possible. I think Pandora is a little bit less ‘in the know’, but we’ll just have to watch the series.

Freddie, JJ and Cook are three best friends. Their personalities make for a brilliant contrast. One is shy, but great with magic tricks, one is a weed-smoking skater and the other is charismatic and sociable. This friendship is similar to Maxxie, Anwar and Chris. Their personalities are reflected in other characters though. It will be interesting to see how these three will turn out throughout the series.

Thomas is polite and kind person. He has just emigrated from the DR Congo. He can be seen as similar to Anwar, as he is the character with the stand out characteristic. (Anwar’s characteristic is the fact he is Muslim)

New in season 3 are twins Katie and Emily. There is also a brother-sister relationship present; Karen is Freddie’s sister.

Those are the main similarities in season 3. I’m sure that it will be a great season, no matter what anyone said, yeah?


  • season 1 and 2 were the best, because of the characters, season 3 sucks so much,
    effy as a leader is so boring and uninteresting, tony was a much better leader than her!
    the other characters?
    i mean come one,
    none one beats sid,cassie,chris,maxxie, jal and anwar, they were all lovable!

  • love 1st generation!! don’t like new ones!! :(

  • does anyone knows if the first generation is coming back?? I mean, I wanna know what happens with tony, sid chelle, etc

  • @nanis
    The 1st generation won’t be back. The cast is changed every two seasons.

  • @joao I AGREE! i <3 tony! :P

  • I love the first generation. No one will ever replace them. I dont care what similarities the new cast has they suck and the first generation is amazing. I am though looking forward to see the third generation. I think it will be better than the second!

  • first generation was amazing! second generation was okay.

    they’re making a skins movie now, set to come out summer 2011 and apparently some old cast members are coming back (tony and anwar for sure, others idk) so yay! :)