Part Rivalry

Last night was the Europe Tour reunion. It was a great night, with the collages and the video unveiled. I was particularly interested in the collages, as most of the photos came from me. It’s good to get your work shown to many many people. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was a conversation came up during the night.

I was talking to Anna, one of the “Year 12s” that came with us. We were talking about how things were in the past few months. Slightly obviously, choir was one of those things. The first thing I mentioned was that the Alto section were now much better than the Sopranos. “My job is done,” she replied. This triggered a thought.

As our conductor said earlier on during the day, “Don’t disappoint those who sang your part in the past.” People who sang in the choir, especially those who are in the Chamber Choir (top choir) or those who were in the Europe Tour are very passionate about what they did. And rightly so, you are working with talented and dedicated people. It then becomes a light-hearted competition on which section is best. That’s where the title came from.

Now in 2009, the choir sections are vastly different to last year. Now that the Altos are much better, the Sopranos are ‘struggling’ to match the volume of the Altos. For the guys however, it seems the Basses are falling behind the Tenors. This game shall continue…

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