(Up/Down with/I don’t care about) the Reds

This post is mainly for the Barker folk reading on Facebook, because it contains a lot of customs and lingo known to them.

Last Thursday was the CAS Swimming Championship. Now, Barker makes all their prefects and Year 10 go watch either this carnival or the ISA Championship. The ISA is the one the girls swim in, and that was held the Friday before.

As with any School event, there is always a lot of rallying to get as many people supporting and cheering on the respective team. That’s all well and good, except there seems to be a little known thing they weren’t aware of. (For the record, I went to the ISA carnival, so I’ve done my fair share of supporting).

It was heard around the place, that some people (some of the prefects), had tried to avoid going, for some oddly stupid reasons. They had wanted to avoid spending a late night in Homebush, doing almost nothing.

I think that this makes some people (and me), a little bit disappointed, especially those who are enthusiastic about supporting the Reds. (I’m thinking of you Mirko). It only takes a few people to let the team down. I don’t have the capacity to rant this morning as I am writing this, but hopefully that’s all that needs to be said to get tongues moving.

So, select your option from the title. Up the Reds, Down with the Reds, or I don’t care about the Reds.

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