Birthday ’09

Yesterday was my 17th birthday. I wanted to celebrate this year quietly, as I do have bigger and better plans for the future. There is another reason though. Most people turn 18 this year, and celebrations of that variety often put others to shame. Hence I did all I could to still “belong”, but not too much to “not belong”.

Last night, I took some close friends to dinner

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who used social and terrestrial media to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Facebook friends:
Thanks for your short and thoughtful comments. Though we don’t talk to each other everyday, it is still great to know that you are there for me and for everyone. Most importantly, thanks for your support during all sorts of good and bad times and my (sometimes) thought-provoking and controversial comments. The use of one (1) exclamation mark, funnily enough, represents genuine sincerity, as does proper use of capital letters.

Foinally, a set of statistics for this holiday will be released next week. More on that later.

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