Weeks 1 and 2

Well, the first two weeks of term 2 have passed. I have to say, that it hasn’t been as pressured as last term. Finally I have some free time on the weekend (at least that’s why I’m writing tonight). I’m glad that this time has been sufficient to plan how this term will unfold.

You know, I’ve been doing those KenKen puzzles that started to appear in the Sydney Morning Herald last week. They’re quite fun, and they also help with developing basic number theory. (Quick, 4 numbers between 1 and 6 that multiply to give 160!) Do these puzzles really make you smarter?

While my logic develops, my social is on the backburner. Though this next term is quiet, unfortunately it isn’t time to let my guard down. I think everyone wants to be able to fast-forward to some time in November, after the last exam. For now, can I suggest to get each milestone through, one at a time, and still feel good about it?

Here ends.

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