Photographer’s Respect

When I shoot any event, whether it be a concert, official school event, or a music tour, there are those who are always bugging you for new photos. Having done my fair share of events, I have to say that it sometimes gets annoying, but the satisfaction that you see on your “client” is well worth it. This got me to think, does this happen between photographers on a smaller scale?

I think that everyone would love to live in a perfect world. But this isn’t one. It’s filled with anger, harassment and negative criticism. Nevertheless, there are those that seek to shine a light in the dark holes of the world. I want it to be the same with photography and photographers. Luckily, we are nearly half-way there, with social networks that encourage good photography mixed with the vivacity of life. However, not everyone is willing to share their work with others. Many stay cooped up on Facebook and share only with friends. (Don’t get me started on the Facebook photo argument!)

What I want to see more of is some personal recognition, face-to-face. I think it would be great, if someone you knew came up to you and said, “Hey! I just saw your photos of the art stuff in Sydney last week. It’s sooo good!” I want to see photographers respecting other photographers.

I guess the reason why I am writing this is that I suspect some people out there really like my stuff, and respect me for it. But something is stopping them from saying it. I’m not trying to show off here, I’m just noting an observation.

So can I challenge you to respect a photographer if you really like their work. I’m sure that they’ll thank you for it.

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