How can they survive?

This is another photography related rant. (Sorry Mark)

Whilst looking around Facebook yesterday, I saw some photos of a particular formal had turned up. Obviously they had a good time. But what I noticed (and this is not new) is that people nick the photos from the photography company’s website, watermarks and all. I think this speaks volumes about me next point.

These photography companies are contracted by organisers of the formal to take photographs and document. This is in the hope that cash-strapped people buy their photos for ‘keepsakes’. It is like as if they expect you to look back in a few year’s time and say, “Look at me, this was at my formal back in year 11! Wow!” But they clearly don’t seem to notice that people are “stealing” their photos and recognising the hard work of others.

Mind you, I don’t have a problem with this happening. I think it is stupid how photography companies and afford the time and resources to shoot an event where they don’t expect their clients to buy their work. I mean, who spends the few dollars getting a low res file without a watermark? Wouldn’t it just be better to just offer the product pro bono?

This is the principle that I follow with my recent photography work. I don’t feel I have the authority nor the capacity to charge people for photos of themselves. I believe that I have done a good job offering my best service for the greater good of the people. All I ask in return is some recognition of the hard work that has gone into making a good product. Why should people have to pay for something that they may not look at in a few years? Granted, it just keeps the moment lasting for longer.

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