I have a vision…

I think most people have a short term aspiration or a goal. It might be something small or something that is bold and daring. Nevertheless, we find sometimes that our own goals are fun to work towards, and rewarding in the end.

I’ve had this plan inside for months, and I’d like to share it with you.

When December comes, I want to start something revolutionary, something that everyone who contributes to it gets something out of it. It is a collaborative effort, based on something that has been done before, but not many of you may know or have seen.

Based on the Laughing Squid blog, it is a blog reporting on Sydney’s art, culture and current affairs. The reporting will come from those who are in the scene; you. One of the great things about this is that the reporting will be independent from any news/media agency. It’s like going underground, without going underground.

Some of the things that would make up the reports include: music, film, stage, art, photography, food, icons, places, happenings, gatherings, impromptu parties, style, fashion, trends, plus a few.

This blog will also act as a guide of what is to come, an events list gathered from venues that host such events.

Now, that’s just the “contributing” part. The “benefit” part can be seen as twofold. The first, well, is obvious. You get independent analysis and commentary on events in Sydney. The second is a bit complex, but well worth it. Because the blog is a collaborative, it will be big enough to give opportunity to our contributors to do things that, say, a freshman journo probably won’t be able to. I hope this project will at least give a contributor a new experience, from something small, as photographing a slightly publicised event, to getting press passes for something big. Basically, those things that only big organisations get to do, but most common folk want to experience. It’s hard to put in words though, so sorry if some of you are still confused.

I think, that as some of our readers near the end of school, there is a small focus on how to keep in contact with friends that we have known for years. It’s obviously easier to do so now, due to the rise of social networks. This is probably a more interesting way to keep in touch, as well as sharing useful information that isn’t well documented.

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