Phone in a jar.

This afternoon, I put my iPhone in a glass jar. It was nothing special; I just thought it looked nice in a glass jar. While carrying this around the place, I encountered conversations that went a bit like this:

Someone: Why have you got your phone in a jar?
Me: Long story.

Some people were persistent enough to ask what the long story was. Here it is.

I have some tea leaves. I needed a glass jar for them. I brought this one on Tuesday, but I found a smaller one. Hence, I am taking this home today, and I thought the iPhone looked good inside.

After this long story, some of the responses were rather interesting. Some people commented it being a new style icon: “iPhone in a jar”. Some thought I was rather stupid. Here is the most interesting response.

Ok. Well, good luck with the glass jar!

Overall, a very interesting experiment.

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