Reflection Statement

Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline for HSC English Extension 2 major works. As part of their work, a reflection statement is written to, supposedly, ‘reflect’ on the major work they have composed. This week, the phrase has been uttered many times, in different ways, expressions and the like.

Given that Year 12 finish school in a matter of weeks, I took this phrase and thought, “What has been great about this part of my life?” I am, of course, referring to the last 12 months or so of high school.

I really want people to reflect on what has been great in the last year, in the last three years, or in my case, the last 10 years at Barker. The next few weeks, free of assessments and exams, are a great time to pause and reflect. There are other things we can think about too:

  • As above, your time in high school
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Contributions you have made to a group e.g. choir, rugby team, debating team
  • Personal achevements academically, socially, etc.

And also especially for you all:

  • Your sense of belonging over the past year
  • What you have done to change yours or others’ sense of belonging
  • Initiatives you have started to affect others’ belonging

I think that this a good way to realise what achievements you have made over the last year, and will give an insight into what lies ahead. Life sometimes throws too much at us. Everyone needs a way to release and understand what’s going on. This is just one way to do just that.

Happy reflecting!

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