28 August…

For those who don’t know: Last Thursday 27 August, a girl in Year 11 died whilst skiing at Perisher Valley yesterday. Please read this SMH article to understand what is written below. Tomorrow, I’ll write an analysis of today’s media coverage.

Today, we witnessed a tragedy, spirit and camaraderie. The events of today were attended by all, many with tears in their faces. Many of us didn’t know her personally, but we all shared the grief of today.

It is hard to comprehend something that is usually not associated with youth. Especially when it is so close to home.

This morning began with a memorial service, attended by Year 11 in the Chapel. Many who were there knew Amelia well. Many in Year 12 also knew her and remembered her elsewhere. Television and radio news media were outside the Chapel covering the service.

The first half of today was a time of remembrance; coming to terms with what had happened. Flowers lined the steps of the Chapel following the service. Flags flew at half mast, almost a grave symbol in itself. Many took the option of not taking class for part of the day.

By the afternoon the mood had lightened, but was still solemn, a party mix of lollies assisting. Most Year 11 and 12 students had gone home.

It is now evening, and Facebook statuses continue to pay tribute to what was a full, active life tragically cut short. Messages of support have also been passed on to friends and families down at Perisher Valley.

Rest in Peace, Amelia.

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