Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day of high school.

Being at Barker for 10 years (since the beginning) is no mean feat. There have been so many fantastic experiences over the years. There have been so many friendships made, changed, and broken. There were the good times, and the bad times. And we’ve all been through it all. Together as one. As the Class of 2009.

Many of us have planned to do so much in these last few weeks. However in reality, only a fraction of these things have been done. For me, it is physically and mentally impossible to do what I had planned in the space of a week. There are so many people to thank, so many people to recognise and yes, so many people to hug.

Tomorrow will be filled with many emotions. I know that some of us, myself included, will get a bit teary. I think it’s normal though. School has made up a majority of our lives, in the grand scheme of things. It has dictated and directed many minutes of the days. It will be interesting to see how life progresses without this.

I still have so much more to say, but now I must rest.

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