Crucial Last Weeks

At time of writing, there are 17 days until English Paper 1.

As blunt as it sounds, the celebrations are over. The last game has been played, the last hurrah called. It’s time to hit the books, one last time.

I hope everyone isn’t finding it difficult to study. These are the last set of examinations, the most crucial ones. As has been said many times, “Your performance has an effect on other peoples’ performance.” I don’t want to explain how the system works, I think that overused statement is enough.

There are so many great things that will happen after this last set of exams. 4 weeks in retrospect isn’t much effort to ask for.

On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to get back into a normal routine. Simple things life having enough sleep and three meals a day, will make you feel better over the next few weeks. There is no reason to pull an all-nighter to cram; all that’s needed is to re-organise the schedule.

All the best for HSC 2009.

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