This Christmas

In the lead-up to this Christmas, I am bringing back the act of writing Christmas cards, and sending them through the post. I have about 20 or so cards that I need to write, and I thought I’d tell you about one of the recipients of a card.

Christmas is a time where everyone can celebrate close to the end of the year. (Let’s not get into the religious debate). It’s a time to get together with family and friends, perhaps with some that they have not seen for many months. Because of this, my cards are going to people who I know, but have not associated with that much this year.

For one particular person, it is slightly different. During the projects we have worked on in the past few years, things have not gone terribly smoothly. There have been arguments, and conflicts. This person has loathed everything that I have done, almost to the point where it is very discouraging. An example of this is when I gave good wishes before exams. This person has spoken out against my actions, which interestingly led to someone else siding with me in what I have done.

I’m sending a Christmas card to this person, because I think that there is no place for conflicts during this time. I believe there is a saying which goes “Love thy neighbour”. This is a belief that is important for many, and should be upheld during Christmas.

I challenge you to send a Christmas card to someone whom you have not had good relations with this year. Maybe it is someone who doesn’t like you, the boss that fired you, or someone who you haven’t spoken to online or offline for a long time.

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