Technology Roadmap for 2010 and beyond

I thought I’d write about my technology roadmap so you can understand why I decide to change certain bits of technology after certain times. With new products and developments being announced so often these days, it is hard for many to keep up.

So here is the roadmap for my laptop, phone, and some other things too.


Current: MacBook Pro 15″ (early 2008) purchased February 2008
Change every: 3 years
Next purchase: MacBook Pro 13″ after February 2011

I have decided to change laptop minimum every three years, because specifications after three years often improve enough to supersede the previous models. Also, I apply the rule that a laptop battery lasts three years under normal usage. That is 100 discharge-recharge cycles each year, totalling 300 cycles. By then, the battery would not hold as much charge as when it was brand new.

Mobile Phone

Current: iPhone 3GS purchased June 2009
Change every: 2 years
Next purchase: Next iPhone after June 2011

The majority of mobile service contracts have a two year duration. The telcos market to you every two years to change your phone to the latest models. Most mobile phone companies do not release phones on a regular schedule, so one has to rely on what is offered. The other option is to buy the phone and the plan separately (which I have done before), but sometimes that can be more costly.


Current: Nikon D80 purchased March 2008
Change every: 3-5 years, or until image quality deteriorates/equipment fails
Next purchase: Next Nikon dSLR

Fortunately, dSLRs don’t deteriorate as quickly as laptops and phones. This is because even entry-level dSLRs share design principles from professional-level models. As some photographers will say, “The body doesn’t matter, it’s all in the lens and your skill”. But even bodies become inferior to their successors, so one has to update occasionally.

Portable Music Player

Current: iPod (5G) purchased December 2005
Change every: When it breaks
Next purchase: iPod classic

I don’t listen to music from my iPod too much these days. It now comes from my iPhone or on the computer. But I do use it to backup all my music, photos and video.

Do you have any rules you follow when it comes to updating your technology? Share it with us in the comments.

Much, much more momentarily.

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