(St.) Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately Valentine’s Day has turned into a day dominated by flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. Basically it’s been commercialised too much. And considering that in some situations so many people feel left out, why not widen the scope of Valentine’s Day?

First, let me introduce a bit of history. The feast of Saint Valentine, is February 14. St. Valentine is the patron saint of couples, happy marriages, love, epileptics and bee keepers. It just so happens that the first three items are preyed upon by industry as mentioned. The last two, not so much. So, if we celebrate all things Irish on St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland), why not celebrate and recognise those who are epileptic?

But there’s another thing about love. Love is a wonderful thing, but the word itself is terribly ambiguous. Why, on that particular day, does love have to relate to one thing? Why can’t love, on that day, be interpreted by everyone in their own way?

I tend to see Valentine’s Day (in it’s current state) as an expression of one’s liking for another person. As some of you know, I have tried (and failed) to do that on previous February 14s. So for people like me, one should interpret love in their own way. You’ve heard the expression “share the love”, so why not do that on February 14? Someone like Grandma Dawn could share her love of baking cookies to her grandchildren. A botanist could share their love of flowers (especially different coloured roses).

Why can’t we have awareness campaigns about epilepsy, instead of being confused about said illness? And the same with bee keepers?

And my final proposal. Help someone be loved. Introduce a friend to another friend. Wouldn’t the world would be a better place if there were less lonely people?

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