Heads Up: French Film Festival

From now on, I’ll be writing more about the ‘arts’ scene in Sydney. This includes music, film, art etc… I want to eventually spin this off into a new blog, but first I need to gather a few supporters. So enjoy.

The Alliance Française French Film Festival is happening in Sydney from the 2nd March to the end of the month. In the Palace Cinemas in Paddington and Newtown, a total of 43 films will be shown and essentially be used to garner interest into the world of French film.

If you think about it, many films that come out of Hollywood follow the same dry boring formula. Which makes foreign films relatively ‘fresh’ when compared. Now this makes every film equally interesting to the average movie goer. At this stage, I’ll take this position to broaden my view of French film.

After having read some of the synopses of the films, there are already a few that jump out at you. One that I want to see called “LOL” deals with the search for life and love from two contrasting perspectives. Another, “Welcome”, explores separation, risks and persistence.

As with any film screening, theatre production, or music concert, it is always much better when one is accompanied with someone else. This is not only to not look awkward being alone, but also provides a bouncing board for criticism and discussion. So, I encourage you to go along to a film with someone for what I think will be a great night out.

French Film Festival: Sydney website

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