Week 1 of 90+

13 years of Primary and Secondary education is hardly worth blogging about, but the first week of university after 13 years of the same thing is undoubtedly interesting by any scale.

And so my first week of university concluded yesterday (Friday). It is always a little hard to get back into a weekly routine after three months of well-deserved vacation. And also, the first lectures in every subject are about the same introductory information. The first week is also a great time to join an interest club/society, meet new people, and to explore the campus.

Macquarie Uni is right next to the shopping centre, which makes it easy for me to walk right over and have cheap lunch. Also good for killing time between lectures.

And to sweeten it all, I have Mondays off. Which makes it very convenient to cram study in catch up sleep.

I hope 2010 goes well for all of you.


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