Politics and Personal Agenda

Just a quick one tonight! Again, something I want to get off my chest. Also, I promise that the review for Skirt Day will be up tomorrow morning!

I’ve just finished reading this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and it reminded me of some similar stories during this week. The article is about NSW Premier Kristina Keneally cycling to work.

Much news has been written about the NSW Government’s commitment to make Sydney more cyclist friendly. One project that is in progress is the construction of bicycle-only lanes in the CBD. Some would infer that Keneally, a frequent bicycle rider, appears committed to completing this project to please people with a similar interest (and also to appear to have done something useful while in office)

A similar issue was discussed during the last week.

Waverley Council, who are responsible for the Eastern Suburbs and Bondi area, introduced new rules that ban smoking around parks and reserves, and outside restaurants and cafés. This was welcomed by anti-smoking groups and beach and coffee lovers.

Later in the week, Willoughby City Council, who are responsible for the Chatswood area, made a statement saying they will not follow suit yet, pending further discussion on this matter.

What you ought to know, is that the councillor who introduced the rules at Bondi was a former chain smoker who has lost a lung due to cancer. Also, the mayor of Willoughby City Council, is a reformed smoker. It seems that personal stories are now the new way to convince people into supporting policies.

Does it appear to you that politicians are doing things to satisfy their personal agenda? Granted, the entire society can never be completely happy with any decision. Do you think that public servants should keep their personal agenda out of politics?

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