Film Review: LOL

I think I’ll write short, sharp reviews because I don’t think people want to know everything about a film before they see it, just the general gist of it. See what you think.

Review: LOL (French Film Festival)

If there’s one word to describe LOL, it’s ‘parallels’. Because that’s essentially what it’s about.

Lola (Christa Theret), a student at a Paris high school has her fair share of friends, complex relationships, and a full social life. Anne (Sophie Marceau), recently divorced, juggles her professional life with raising four kids, and a renewed interest in finding love. We follow both of them, and the events of their life over the course of three trimesters.

The juxtaposition of seemingly mundane events, like a house party and an anti-drug presentation at the school complement perfectly with witty dialogue and screenplay. This along with plenty of laughs throughout make LOL a refreshing feel-good film.

When watching it last Saturday, what was interesting to note, was that at times the subtitles were necessary, not because of the French language, but because of the amount of laughter. If you want a fresh view on teenage life, then this is a film to watch.

The last screening is on Wednesday 24 March, 8:15pm at Palace Norton St cinema.

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