To Volunteer or to Work?

Rarely All the time do I ask for an opinion on a certain matter via this blog, but I feel that the following issue could do with community consideration.

During university time, some people supplement their life with a steady income stream in the form of a part time job. Some don’t, and that can be for a variety of reasons. The upcoming summer break is a great time for many to find casual jobs, to get that bit more cash.

I find myself in an odd situation. Recently I’ve come across the idea that volunteering is rather enjoyable and rewarding, despite the lack of remuneration, but also the idea that a paid casual/part-time job is a more reliable reference. I say this, as right now there’s more volunteer work on my CV than paid work.

So I ask you. What is your position on getting work and experience? Do you find that volunteering is rewarding or useless or unnecessary? Are paid jobs the way to go? Leave your comments in the comments.

Thank You.

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