Week 26 of 90+

At the beginning of this year, I wrote about the new challenge of beginning university after 13 years of primary and secondary education. Now that the first year is complete, and the results are in (after some pushing and shoving with the unions), I’m very happy to enjoy this long summer break.

As some of you know, Macquarie University was my second preferred university. I’ve been working hard this year to achieve good results that would yield the best chance to transfer to the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

I thought I’d write about it here because as the day that UAC release offers draws closer, there’s been a lot of interest about my situation (and I don’t want to sound/feel like a broken record)!

This is what I know, and please seek independent advice on admission requirements if you are in a similar situation. I won’t be held responsible for information which I believed to be correct, that turned out to be wrong. (Disclaimers FTW!)

My marks this year were quite good. A GPA of 3.25, average 72. From what I have heard, a credit average is sufficient for an external application into UNSW. Therefore the marks should be OK.

I’ve also spoken to a university staffer who handles admissions, and she said that for domestic applications like mine, university marks are considered first, with the ATAR possibly contributing very little in this process.

At Macquarie I studied a Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting (that’s the name). At UNSW, I intend to study the double degree Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).

Once there, I should be able to get credit for my study at MQ, thus eliminating the need to redo first year Commerce subjects. I find out on 19 January whether I receive an offer, just like every year 12 who applied to UAC.

In my opinion, my application is looking good.

Happy holidays everyone.

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