University Offers

Last Wednesday night, UAC released the Main Round offers for university admissions. As I have written before and mentioned to you over the course of last year, my aim was to transfer to UNSW. Well I’ve been a bit quiet over the last 36 hours or so, so let me tell you what is going on.

When I applied to UAC late last year, I only put down one preference. This was the B Commerce at UNSW. Closer to January, I added as second preference the B Commerce/B Science at the University of Sydney (USyd), and a B Science at UNSW as third. At the time, I thought I might as well try my luck for USyd; it doesn’t make a difference if I got into UNSW.

Now, I’ve received an offer for USyd. This now sets up several options:

1. Accept USyd offer.
2. Accept USyd offer, wait for UNSW offer, decide which uni.
3. Stay at Macquarie.

Before I continue, can I say THANK YOU for your support and encouraging messages over 2010.

I’m most likely to accept the USyd offer next week. It was never my intention to consider USyd originally, so this will be another experience to take forward. This time last year, accepting the fact that I’m at Macquarie was a ‘challenge’ and a motivator to work hard. The only situation that will cause me to reject the USyd offer is if my credit doesn’t transfer over. I’m not willing to waste a year doing subjects again, despite the opportunity to go to USyd.

If I receive an offer to UNSW in a later round of offers, the decision is then which uni do I want to go to. The combined BCom/BSci course at UNSW is four years long and at USyd five years. BCom only is three years at both places. If you go to either university, I’d appreciate comments about what you like and don’t like about it.

Thus, there is a high chance that I am leaving Macquarie University. To those who are there, thank you, and stay happy. I’ll be back in Week 1 to properly say good bye, around a table with glasses of amber liquid.


  • Well first off congratulations on your transfer to USyd. I’m looking to transfer after my first year, and at the moment I’m probably looking at a credit average by the year end. Do you think its sufficient to get into USyd?

  • Sorry just to clarify “Do you think its sufficient to get into USyd Commerce?”

  • I got in with a credit average (avg. mark 73). So, yes, I think.

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