Year 4

I noticed that I wrote a post about my thoughts of starting at Macquarie Uni in 2010 and Sydney University in 2011. I didn’t write a post for 2012 for whatever reason, so here now is one for 2013. Consider the goals of the year my new year’s resolutions!

2013 marks my third year at Sydney University (USyd) and fourth year of university overall. It’s now the time to plan for the future and get serious about which direction to go professionally. This means planning to apply for summer vacation positions, plan for grad positions, gather information and network (*shudder*). I aim to do almost all that this year, as well as plan an exchange and lift my marks*.

Let’s start with the exchange. It has been a goal of mine to go on an exchange during uni. Why? Well, the usual reasons why: new experiences, travel, and new perspectives. The plan is to go somewhere is Scandinavia, most likely Sweden, or Denmark. But it starts with lifting my marks. I’ll need a distinction (75%) average this year for any chance to apply. Last semester I barely passed all my subjects! So, here lies the path ahead. Doable? Of course.

Now the positions with accounting firms. The smart thing to do is to gain experience by working a summer vacation position, and then parlay that into a grad position straight out of uni. This year I shall apply for these, and plan when I would be doing this (if successful) around the exchange (if I get to do that).

Finally, the task I don’t like the most: networking. I’ve always dismissed networking because I never considered it useful. As with anything we do, starting (initiating a conversation) it is hard, but once you get going (continuing that conversation), it becomes easier. This year it’s time to man up, go to these networking sessions and talk to people. It’s the connections made that count.

Here’s to a great 2013.

* – I blame my lower marks on an ongoing personal issue that has been happening. Of course some of you are going to say “Sure Ben, everybody has issues, grow a pair.”, but I don’t care. Close friends of mine know what I’m talking about.

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