What happened last night?

Two nights ago, I went to a party. And then after that party, I followed some people from that party to go have another drink somewhere else. It was getting late, the first time I remember checking my watch after the party, it was 1am. I wanted to leave, but something compelled me to stay. It was during that time that I learned a few more things about myself, and those who love their tipple too much.

1. I am still terrible at staying up late
I have never been able to stay up later than 12:30am. Never. I will fall like a stone on the bed, no questions asked. Obviously this means that ‘all-nighters’ are ineffective, and also late, late nights at the pub with mates are events where I can’t stay awake. In the rare times I do stay up very late, I don’t know how I do it, adrenaline maybe?

2. I don’t get along too well at parties with alcohol
A bit of background: I don’t drink, and haven’t done so since two months after I turned 18. So while everyone is drunk (or pissed, whichever you prefer) at the end of the night, what am I left to do? Nothing really. Just watch people try to string together sentences to mean something? Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds, but things get so boring after people have less idea of what they are doing. At 1am, you can still probably make out something, by 2am conversations go around in circles. 3am? Locked out in Sydney city.

3. I am very good at not drinking alcohol
As I said in point 2, I haven’t drunk alcohol for a long time. But even through that long night, I politely declined every time someone offered me something. Also, I think that I am fortunate to have friends who accept the fact that I don’t drink ‘just because’.

4. Never question a drunk person’s (non-violent) actions
One of my friends that night took a number of jackets when we left the bar that night. Now they have realised their mistake, and it will be fun seeing what they do with the other jackets. So why never question a drunk person’s actions? Because it will be funny watching what they do afterwards.

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