5 Year Reunion, Thank You!

[This is the last I’ll be speaking about the reunion, I promise!]

Have we all recovered from last Friday? Excellent!

Thank you for coming to the reunion. Bec and I have received many messages of thanks; we’re glad you had a great night. It was wonderful to see so many of you again, whether it was two days or five years since the last time.

A lot of you told us, “More bar tab!”. It did run out quite early, so I’ll keep that in mind for next reunion.

So about that ‘speech’. I had a few jokes lined up, but half of you didn’t see me and I was exhausted, so here is what I was going to say. (In fact, I think these jokes work better read than said)

Thank you for coming tonight! We thought we’d try a spot outside the city for a change. Seems like you all like it, plus no lockouts yet!

It is so great to see you all again. Looking at all the Facebook posts this week, I’m glad we’re all still so witty and funny.

So we’re about to start selling tickets for the 10 year reunion. The deadline is in November, but we’re extending it to next year.

Thank you!

Please, do have a look at the photos (here). The selfies turned out all right, but not as popular as A and T making out. You know, it’s not the first time I’ve taken selfies with a camera that weighs as much as a brick; I started 5 years ago!

To those who couldn’t make it: Please come to the 10 year reunion! We miss you. :-)

And for those who were there: I’m sorry that we didn’t have a proper chat. I took it upon myself to at least say hello to everyone, clearly, long conversations suffered. Please, I’d be happy to continue our conversations over lunch, coffee, or a drink. Maybe I’ll show you that photo. Keep in touch here.

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