Statistics from the Holidays

Below are a set of statistics from the holidays past. A couple of holidays ago, I wrote a page of haikus to describe the three weeks of that holiday. This time, by compiling a set of statistics, I’ve done something different.

If there are any that you want more info on, drop a comment below.

Statistics for the holiday – T1 2009

Days of Holiday – 20
Extra days of Holiday – 1

Days spent at coaching/tutoring – 3

Money found on the ground – $50.20
Amount CityRail “stole” from me – $8.40
Value of CityRail compensation – $8.60

Birthdays observed on Facebook – 3
Average number of Facebook wall posts about other person’s birthday – 25
Wall posts for my birthday – 24
Emails for my birthday – 2
Texts for my birthday – 1
Phone calls for my birthday – 1

Total value of gifts – $375
In cash – $270
In vouchers – $105

Sydney Email
Texts sent – 117
Emails sent – 106
Total people sent to – 136
Method of reply
Total replies – 49 (36%)
By text – 32
Number of those who did not recognise my identity (BH) – 19 (59.3%)
By email – 14
Other method – 3

Newspapers bought and read (excluding our Friday-Sunday subscription) – 4
Free newspapers taken – 3

Time spent at Centennial Park – 1 hour 10 minutes
Estimated number of dogs that Monday morning – over 100

Days without my MacBook Pro – 3.5

Birthday ’09

Yesterday was my 17th birthday. I wanted to celebrate this year quietly, as I do have bigger and better plans for the future. There is another reason though. Most people turn 18 this year, and celebrations of that variety often put others to shame. Hence I did all I could to still “belong”, but not too much to “not belong”.

Last night, I took some close friends to dinner

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who used social and terrestrial media to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Facebook friends:
Thanks for your short and thoughtful comments. Though we don’t talk to each other everyday, it is still great to know that you are there for me and for everyone. Most importantly, thanks for your support during all sorts of good and bad times and my (sometimes) thought-provoking and controversial comments. The use of one (1) exclamation mark, funnily enough, represents genuine sincerity, as does proper use of capital letters.

Foinally, a set of statistics for this holiday will be released next week. More on that later.

The Chat 3

Here is the podcast for April 2009. Sorry for the long gap, but everyone has ben really busy with the most important year of work.


5 of 6 and the next week.

So, there it is. Five of six exams done. I must say, today’s Maths Extension 2 exam really took me to the limit. It was simply, really hard. That’s all. At least it’s over now, and I can enjoy the weekend. The last exam is Maths Extension 1, but really, that’s going to be easy compared to what it was today.

Alas, I don’t have an exciting weekend, again. The only thing that is ‘good’ is my dentist appointment. Other than that, I can’t think of anyone who has a free weekend. There is still three days of exams left, and then the holidays. Still, there is a lot to look forward to, as essentially this is the only “free” holiday; the next one is before trials, and the one after is before the HSC exam.

The other good thing is that I will be celebrating my 17th birthday very soon, 18 days at the time of writing. Still deciding what to do, but stay tuned, and do ask about what I do.

Now I need to try and sleep.

Earth Hour and Exams 09!

Apologies for not posting for so long. Last month was just assessment after assessment! Now I have a bit of time…

This weekend is Earth Hour. Please show your support by turning off your lights for one hour tonight, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. Major landmarks around the world will join you. Here is the Sydney Opera House last year, before and after.

Opera House switched offOpera House just after Earth Hour

Unfortunately, I won’t be shooting Earth Hour this year, but I’d like to share some tips to participate in Earth Hour. They all say to turn your lights off and do something outside. But if you are going out that night, will your lights be switched off? Most people’s answer will be yes. Therefore, the easiest way to participate is to simply be out in the city, looking at landmarks that have lights switched off! (Provided that you switch off all your lights before you go.) Also, if you are at a party with lights on, and there are people there and your lights at home are off, the equivalent carbon emissions will be shared between all of you! That’s better than being at home with your lights on, your carbon emission then is very high!

Next week is the half-yearly exam period and as this is the weekend before, studying is more important then saving the world. I’m fairly lucky to have one exam per day next week; having two in a day is really tiring. And did I mention these exams were important?

To lighten up the mood during the next week and a half, I’m going to use an inspirational slogan on a poster and place these in several places around the school. I did this last year, and it sort of worked. But now, it needs to be bigger and better.

I’d better get back to studying, thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment!

(Up/Down with/I don’t care about) the Reds

This post is mainly for the Barker folk reading on Facebook, because it contains a lot of customs and lingo known to them.

Last Thursday was the CAS Swimming Championship. Now, Barker makes all their prefects and Year 10 go watch either this carnival or the ISA Championship. The ISA is the one the girls swim in, and that was held the Friday before.

As with any School event, there is always a lot of rallying to get as many people supporting and cheering on the respective team. That’s all well and good, except there seems to be a little known thing they weren’t aware of. (For the record, I went to the ISA carnival, so I’ve done my fair share of supporting).

It was heard around the place, that some people (some of the prefects), had tried to avoid going, for some oddly stupid reasons. They had wanted to avoid spending a late night in Homebush, doing almost nothing.

I think that this makes some people (and me), a little bit disappointed, especially those who are enthusiastic about supporting the Reds. (I’m thinking of you Mirko). It only takes a few people to let the team down. I don’t have the capacity to rant this morning as I am writing this, but hopefully that’s all that needs to be said to get tongues moving.

So, select your option from the title. Up the Reds, Down with the Reds, or I don’t care about the Reds.

Part Rivalry

Last night was the Europe Tour reunion. It was a great night, with the collages and the video unveiled. I was particularly interested in the collages, as most of the photos came from me. It’s good to get your work shown to many many people. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was a conversation came up during the night.

I was talking to Anna, one of the “Year 12s” that came with us. We were talking about how things were in the past few months. Slightly obviously, choir was one of those things. The first thing I mentioned was that the Alto section were now much better than the Sopranos. “My job is done,” she replied. This triggered a thought.

As our conductor said earlier on during the day, “Don’t disappoint those who sang your part in the past.” People who sang in the choir, especially those who are in the Chamber Choir (top choir) or those who were in the Europe Tour are very passionate about what they did. And rightly so, you are working with talented and dedicated people. It then becomes a light-hearted competition on which section is best. That’s where the title came from.

Now in 2009, the choir sections are vastly different to last year. Now that the Altos are much better, the Sopranos are ‘struggling’ to match the volume of the Altos. For the guys however, it seems the Basses are falling behind the Tenors. This game shall continue…

I hate the photo nickers!

So yesterday was a relatively free night. Therefore, I spent some time looking around on Facebook at people’s photos. Only several minutes later, I noticed some pictures that I had taken on people’s profiles. This triggered a big thought.

I hate the photo nickers.

Now, I am a big believer of photographer’s rights. All the photos on my flickr are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. That means that you can use this photo for whatever you want, as long as you don’t make any money from it (unless you ask me) and you license your work the same. I believe that creativity is something that should be shared by everyone for them to enjoy. Almost in the same spirit that photographers have when it comes to sharing techniques.

The copyright laws in major countries around the world state that every self-made work is copyrighted immediately. So technically if you use a photo from a website where no copyright notice is placed, you are breaking the law. It’s that simple.

Anyway, back to the point. A good example of this was the recent Europe tour that our school choir and orchestra did last December. We had website (run by yours truly), with photos from some of the students, plus our tour guide, who is an accomplished photographer. Now, people nick these photos and dump them on Facebook or some other site, and people treat it as if they took that massively sharp and beautiful shot. There’s no recognition either!! I find that a bit disrespectful, really. It saddens me that people treat photos like that silly shot of your cat or dog. They don’t respect the hard work and effort that someone has put into composing and taking that shot.

There is my short-lived rant. I hope you understand to look into the copyright status of photos if you want to use them, then give the photographers credit where credit is due!

The Day Before the Day…

So, the day before school starts… How joyful.

I have effectively started school a week early due to the music camp that ran last Sunday for three days. Also, I was at school yesterday to help with orienting new people (and some small kids). Therefore, the getting up early has begun.

I really don’t know what to think about the time between this summer and the first term. Should it have been more fun, or more work?

But anyway, it’s all over. There is 10 months to go, and many hours of work. I hope for the best for me and everyone.

BTW, the title of this post is a song from Dido.

Skins: First Generation v Second Generation

After yesterday’s start to my ‘memory dump’, there has been some criticism to what I have written. That’s fine, but I thought I would clarify what I wrote.

When I said ‘voucher’ as a gift idea, it was only meant to be an idea, and not a solid decision.

Anyway, next topic.

Well, the third season of Skins is about to start airing on E4 this week. I’m sort of a fanatic, so I guess the reason I am writing this is because I want to share my analysis with someone, out there. So here goes.

(Most of the base information is from Wikipedia, which is distilled from the Skins website.)

Creator Jamie Brittain said that there were some similarities between the characters from each generation. Some of them are very clear.

Tony’s sister Effy is now the leader of her group of friends in season 3. Tony’s best friend is Sid. Effy’s best friend is Pandora. Sid and Pandora share a few traits, such as the need to lose their virginity as soon as possible. I think Pandora is a little bit less ‘in the know’, but we’ll just have to watch the series.

Freddie, JJ and Cook are three best friends. Their personalities make for a brilliant contrast. One is shy, but great with magic tricks, one is a weed-smoking skater and the other is charismatic and sociable. This friendship is similar to Maxxie, Anwar and Chris. Their personalities are reflected in other characters though. It will be interesting to see how these three will turn out throughout the series.

Thomas is polite and kind person. He has just emigrated from the DR Congo. He can be seen as similar to Anwar, as he is the character with the stand out characteristic. (Anwar’s characteristic is the fact he is Muslim)

New in season 3 are twins Katie and Emily. There is also a brother-sister relationship present; Karen is Freddie’s sister.

Those are the main similarities in season 3. I’m sure that it will be a great season, no matter what anyone said, yeah?