Observations of the Creative Scale

This year, I have encountered the ‘other side’ of what I call the ‘Creative Scale’. One side is music, the other side is drama and somewhere in the middle is design.

At Barker, people usually are associated with one side of the scale. Some are good music, others drama. But some do both.

Today, I observed a glimpse of the drama side. I have been a music person for a long time now, and seeing into drama was interesting.

As someone told me today, “We are always busy busy busy… it never stops, and so doesn’t you.”

This year, music has been like that. For me that has been all the choir stuff, Battle of the Choirs, and the tour coming up in December. I would not be able to imagine myself associating with drama as well.

What’s great at Barker, is that we have super talented people doing all the drama stuff, as well as some doing music. There are few who do both, though.

“The stations are manned, and they don’t need more people.” says Me.

Fun Maths Exam

Today was the maths exam.

I must say, it was really fun. But I know I dropped a few marks though.

How did you go? Sound off in the comments!

English Exam Today

Short post from me.

Today was the final English Exam for Standard and Advanced.

Is it just me, or was the exam hard/worded badly/something bad?

Battle of the Choirs: The Last Hurrah

Friday July 25. It’s Barker Swings night, and the choir will be performing.

Tonight felt special, not because I was wearing the red and black for the last time, but because it was the last time we were performing from our ‘battle’ repertoire. JAllington, our conductor, called it “the ridiculous”, but we all loved it. That night started at 5pm, the rehearsal.

Nostalgia filled the room, as we were all moving to the music that we sung, what felt like, many months ago. Then, the choreography was changed to fit the longer version of “Say a Little Prayer”. For an hour, we went through moves with O’Brien, but in the end it was what she described “three songs mashed up into one”. We all felt good, now it would be up to the performance.

Five hours later, we were just about to enter the hall for our part of Swings. Everyone was hyped; it couldn’t get better than this. The Big Band started to play; we ran on, the crowd loved us. About five minutes later, it was over. Our last performance as the ‘battle’ choir was done. As we left the stage, I felt happy and slightly sad. Battle of the Choirs had been a great experience for all of us. Now, it was back to our normal repertoire and schedule.

Working for TV is very different to what many people think it is. On our filming days, there were many rehearsals to get the best camera positions, basically to get everything right. Filming 40 minutes of footage took about three hours! I can’t stress how unique and fulfilling this experience was.

This is the end… (for now)

As the end of the holidays fast approaches (next Tuesday), it is time for me to ask myself, what have I done that was worthwhile? You know, every minute of every day in your life should be lived to its fullest. I’d like to share the answer to the above question with you.

I must say, that it was pretty difficult to get out with others, as most were away somewhere out there, or have gone skiing with friends or family. That was fine, so I turned my attention to preparing myself for school next term (lame I know, but it had to be done). With a shocking report card for the past semester, it brought a severe reminder of what would happen if this continued on.

On the bright side, I did manage to spend some time with friends. I had coffee with someone on their birthday, and made people happy. Lame I know, but it’s what I do best.

Spending money is something I (and possibly everyone) do very well, so I bought myself a few things to prepare for Europe at the end of the year. Lame I know, but it had to be done.

I suppose that this holiday was not full at all, but the time to rest was certainly welcome.

I know that sometimes, you think I don’t make any sense at all. To that I say never mind, because it shows how difficult some minds work.

It was a good three weeks, but reality must come back sometime.

Just ridiculous.

So, it has been two weeks since the start of the holidays. And how do I feel? Really lonely.

I hear you asking, shouldn’t holidays be restful, fun, enjoyable?

Yes of course, but there is an underlying problem. It’s so bloody quiet around town and on the tubes. No one is in Sydney, everyone has gone away, and no one is online! On weekends, its worse.

This raises a lot of questions. Is it normal for people to go away at this time? Is my image of what holidays should be outdated? Or am I too closed up to know what really is happening?

I believe that I am getting out of my way to find out what people really do nowadays during these few weeks. What do people do? I think I am just forgotten about these holidays.

Please help out my mind to rest by commenting and answering my questions!

The Holidays

Well, now it is my school holidays. Three weeks of rest from a long short term 2. To answer all the obvious questions, I am not going anywhere, I’m just staying in Sydney. I will be doing a bit of photography, a walking trip or two and I will be celebrating people’s birthdays.

There is a new project that I want to get cracking with, and that will be based on my webserver. (Note, this will get a bit techy!)

I want to make a directory accessible from mobile and from the web. It needs to be able to be updated with new information almost instantaneously. I am thinking of using WordPress as a CMS, with a few plugins and themes, but if you have something better to use, leave a comment below.

OK, that was my tech talk for now. Hope to write a bit more these holidays.

The Formal

Last night was the formal. I thought it was going to be a great night. Unfortunately for me, it mostly wasn’t.

To put it simply, the formal was a great idea at first, but it quickly loses its panache as the night progresses.

We started off with a three course dinner. Entrée was a green salad, then the main course was a steak. The steak was done really well. The atmosphere was very positive (as it usually is). Once dinner was over, things went from good to bad.

I was asked to nominate someone to ‘cut the cake’ symbolically and to say thanks. That was slightly surprising to the special someone, but the speech was terrible. (Almost) everyone cheered their head off every few seconds and I felt the spotlight taken away from me. Then came the dance.

In my opinion, the DJ really didn’t satisfy anyone. The music was this new stuff, I couldn’t tell. It did get better towards the end, then it was the end of the night.

I was beginning to question whether the night was worth it, but I didn’t let that get in the way. It is a problem of being under-recognised when you do so much for everyone.

On a lighter note, if you are reading this via Facebook, don’t feel offended. I thank you very much for all your support! In my opinion, the best form of recognition in this situation is a thanks, and a nice hug.

Link to photoset on flickr.

Who am I?

I sat down yesterday evening and thought about how interesting my life is. It wasn’t.

It seemed that my life was made up of too much sitting down. Sitting down in front of the computer, doing school work, or just messing around. I wasn’t getting out much at all. Hey, think about the number of night outs and parties I’ve been to in the last year: 0. Nights are really boring for me. Even looking at Facebook photos makes me feel weird.

This makes me feel really bad, as it is a sign of becoming a social outcast. It feels like as if this is a death spiral; work work work and no play leads to “more devo”.

I think the reason that I feel this is that I am too different to everyone else. I’m not the type of person that goes to these “doing absolutely nothing” parties. I have my own style, but no one else likes it.

Do I need to change? Am I too different for this society?

Do I make sense?

PS: On a happier note, Coldplay’s new album Viva la Vida is out. Review soon (yes I am serious this time). Battle of the Choirs is on 7:30pm Sundays on Channel 7. I am in the Barker choir.

Mufti Day

Today was mufti day. The Student Council (which I am part of), raises money to put to a cause. Also there is usually a positive vibe around the place, as people can express themselves truly. I’m really tired after counting lots and lots of money.

I was on the train that evening, and saw a few mates of mine at the station. I had my laptop with me, and I showed them photos of a concert yesterday. They were impressed, and we talked about photos for various occasions.

It is through this which I realised that having connections with even the most remote people in the year group, is key to maintaining a good relationship with everybody. Getting yourself known for the right reason is something that is a bit difficult in a large group, but that is what I have done.