The meaning of XO(XO)

Today, I got another reply to my “Who’s in Sydney???” email. I sent this email out to all the people I know have email addresses to. I mentioned it in my last post! Anyway, this particular person (sorry, no names!) ended the email with ” x x x”. It got me thinking, what does it really mean?

XOXO is common use for the phrase, Hugs and Kisses. Wikipedia also notes, that the origins and meanings of X and O are highly debatable, stating many meanings for the letters. It says that X symbolizes the lips of the kissers, but also the crossed arms of the huggers. O can be seen as the four arms of the hug and the puckered lips of a kiss. The Wikipedia article also goes on to give religious origins of XOXO.

After reading and interpreting the article for some time, I gave up, left the meaning open to interpretation and then read about XO Sauce.