Birthdays, Happiness and Fire

Today was two of my friend’s birthdays. I gave them both presents. One got a candle, and the other, five dollars. They were really really happy. The rest of the day, I kept the happy vibe going. Until I checked my email sometime in the afternoon…

I got an email from one of the mothers who is organising the formal. (BTW In all honesty, this year’s formal is going downhill). She replied to my email about how to submit photographs. (There will be a screen at the formal showing photos of us. I am coordinating the photography). She called me “rude” for trying to convey information and calling this situation my problem.

Seriously, we are doing a lot of work for the formal, and you are not realising that. For the photography, I have been making announcements, putting posters up etc. It’s not my job to get photos from everyone, it is the responsibility of the people to give photos to me.

Please judge for yourself (after this break). Read more [+]

Busy times ahead…

The next month or so will be busy for me. The amount of school work is increasing, and so are the other commitments.

You may know that I am in the choir. We are actually going to be on the glorious Television later in the year as part of a choir competition. I am also going on the choir and orchestra’s Europe tour at the end of the year. New music will have to be learnt.

This means that Twitter and all the other networks will be looked upon less now. I will not update as often as I can. :-(

Thanks for all your support with reading this blog and viewing my photos and Twitter and etcetera.


Everyone and the mascots

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Last Sunday, I had my birthday party. There were five of us to begin with at Luna Park. There, we had fun for a while, before Simon left and the rest of us took a ferry. It went to Circular Quay, and after getting off, we walked to Wagamama, one of my favourite restaurants. Dinner was had, before Georgina left us. The rest of us took the train home.

That’s it in a nutshell.

You know, the party went better than expected even though the other five I invited were away or sick. It was right after a week long camp some people went to, and it rained every single day. Just a small group of people, having a good time.

Now to get on with life.

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The holidays

Well, its the school holidays. Two weeks worth. It’s never enough; we all work so hard and get so little in return. But my birthday is in the holidays, so that’s good.

I really want to get more out of these two weeks, but loads of people are gone the first week for a camp. I’m also putting more time into catching up my schoolwork; it has slacked off recently. I’m also working at the computer shop, earning money as well. That takes time from me.

There are so many things that I planned to do but they all go to waste when you really think about how much time you have. You think that downtime is non-existent, but there is always more of it than you think

Well I’ll be looking forward to my birthday party, photos will be on flickr the day after.

The dormant writing bug

In my mind, I have many ideas for a blog post. Unfortunately, they don’t ever make it here, because my mind gets lost in doing more important things. It’s like a sickness that you catch, you know you’ve got it, but it doesn’t affect your body. Anyway, hopefully the upcoming school holidays will help.

It has been a long first term of year 11 for me. Results have been good, but they can be better. During the holidays, I will be reading David Allen’s book about Getting Things Done. It should be good. I’m assuming that the geeks who read this are using GTD, how are you finding it?

It’s going to be my birthday during the holiday. Yes, I will be having a party so photos of them will be up the night after.

That’s all.

After today’s debating

Tonight, I had debating at school. The topic was about health, but it was pretty hard. My team put up a very tough case, but the team from the other school, just got the better of us, but not because of how they spoke, but what they spoke about. Anyway, I took the loss fine and we should be doing well next debate.The real story comes after. I was in the common room having snacks and talking to friends. Then this woman comes up to me and asks where is the toilet? I didn’t know, then… well I forgot what I said.  A girl who was chairing the debates took her to the toilet.OK. In all honesty, why ask a guy where the girls toilet is? It is WRONG!!! Guys only know where the guys toilet is. Girls know where everything is. Cool with that?!!Now I have put this rant on paper, I hope I can get some sleep and get up tomorrow to go to work. 

A New Start, A New MacBook Pro

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting for so long. It turns out that Year 11 is giving me a much larger workload now. But I will do my best, to post as many times as possible.Last Wednesday as you may have heard, Apple have released a major update to their notebook lines: MacBook and MacBook Pro. They have put in newer processors and offered larger hard drives in their notebooks. The day after the announcement, I ordered one low-end MacBook Pro. It’s going to be used as my main computer, as well as for my friend’s and my professional photography. Dad’s going to be pretty happy as well; he has a portable to take with him to the office when he needs it.It’s all going well in regards to technology. I am expecting to receive my new Nikon D80 next week, when mum comes back from Hong Kong. After this small glimmer of joy, it’s back to work. I have assignments to do. 

Valentine’s Day

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and love was certainly in the air. People were giving roses to others, it was a happy mood. I had always looked upon Valentine’s Day as a big woop.

Until this year.

This year I went through with giving someone a rose. I’m not that rich, so one was enough. As a meticulous planner, I had planned every detail from when to buy the rose to when to give it to her. That plan was thrown out the window on the day, but not to worry.

It was lunch that day, and I had planned to meet at the end. I was held up with a big meeting well after lunch. That opportunity was gone, but I has one more: after school. That happened. She was absolutely surprised that , a geek, would give a rose to her. It had attracted many stares, and many people I knew were surprised that I did the deed.

Even today, people were asking me about it. I wasn’t surprised at all. It reminded me of this xkcd comic. I guess that making people happy is something that I am good at doing.

Back to School!

Well, I have gone back to school now. It will be a very busy time for me especially with lots of music and other commitments. I will try to write to much as possible, although I can not guarantee one post a week.

Thanks for all your support!

(At time of writing) Four short days…

… until I go to music camp. For me, music camp is an annual thing. A time when all musicians from my school gather somewhere out of school to enjoy music. My friend Tom says it is “the best camp of the year.”

Music camp is held several days before school officially starts. You could say it cuts my holiday short. I don’t find it that way. I see it as an opportunity to get back into school routine, especially after two months of holiday. But what has been bugging me more than ever is knowing that summer has ended and it is only 300 or so days before the next summer.

Summer is a time where I rest after a (successful) school year. Each day, I feel that I have not fully recovered from the year (and why should I?, I have two months off!). But all good things must come to an end, and so here I am.

Over the years, I have tried to find a way to ease back into normal life. I still haven’t found the perfect solution but I have managed to do some things.  Have you got any suggestions on how to get back to normal life after a two month holiday?