Valentine’s Day

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and love was certainly in the air. People were giving roses to others, it was a happy mood. I had always looked upon Valentine’s Day as a big woop.

Until this year.

This year I went through with giving someone a rose. I’m not that rich, so one was enough. As a meticulous planner, I had planned every detail from when to buy the rose to when to give it to her. That plan was thrown out the window on the day, but not to worry.

It was lunch that day, and I had planned to meet at the end. I was held up with a big meeting well after lunch. That opportunity was gone, but I has one more: after school. That happened. She was absolutely surprised that , a geek, would give a rose to her. It had attracted many stares, and many people I knew were surprised that I did the deed.

Even today, people were asking me about it. I wasn’t surprised at all. It reminded me of this xkcd comic. I guess that making people happy is something that I am good at doing.

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